ALERT 5: Reject Test Feature

What is it?

A Reject Test feature available in the Report Editor section of ExpertALERT-cloud.  The feature provides an EA-C analyst the ability to quickly reject collected data for various reasons and trigger a retest workflow with the field user, to include comments for next steps, so that they can ensure field users know a new set of data is required to meet compliance.



Association with compliance

Part of the compliance functionality is to add the ability for an analyst to reject a machine test because of bad or missing data. This rejection would annotate the asset to be retested to the user via the UI on the TRIO in field. (Notification via PredictivePortal is a customer request and future improvement).

On TRIO 5, the user should recognize that an analyst has rejected their previously collected data and that compliance is no longer achieved for the current period (marked as untested for compliance) until the retest is completed.  Incomplete or bad data is treated the same as no data has been captured.  The user gains this best visibility to this through the new TRIO 5 user interface.


How it works

The Reject Test action will remove the result as to not impact fault reporting and log the event.

Within Report Editor section of EA-C, a "Reject/Retest" button was added next to "Requested Action".  Clicking the button requires confirmation and will prompt for reason.

Comment field behaves just like a requested action but adds a unique flag on the TRIO 5 Collector application to indicate the asset has a requested action as a result of rejected data.

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