Configure Scalar Alerts

Scalar Alerts can be configured for scalar alarms that exceed a threshold value.  Available for Velocity Overall values and for Temperature readings, these alarms have two levels, Warning and Critical.

See:  Alarms, Alerts, Notifications

Enable Scalar Alerts

To enable scalar alerts, open the System Configurations page of the PredictivePortal and select Scalar Value Alerts from the Watchman360 tab options.

Scalar Value Alerts must be generally enabled for the system.  Slide the toggle to the right to enable.  This generally setting allows a user to quickly disable all scalar alerts if desired.

Each plant can be enabled as desired.  Select the plant of interest from the mini-hierarchy and slide the toggle to the right to enable scalar alerts for the plant.

Each asset can be enabled as desired.  Select the assets from the mini-hierarchy for which scalar alerts should be enabled.

Setting Scalar Thresholds

Manual - an M will appear next to assets with scalar alerts enabled with the default or manually entered values set for the Velocity RMS alert.

Learning Mode - an A will appear next to assets with an automated scalar value set.  By checking the "Use Velocity RMS automatic alert thresholds", the user can set either a fixed range or dynamic range for which the system will gather 1000 data points to evaluate and establish the logical warning and critical threshold values.  Temperature thresholds do not have a learning mode.


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