Data Collection Compliance is a monthly metric that presents whether or not an asset met its compliance requirement for the previous month. This is different from the previous compliant metric on the Watchman Reliability Portal, in that the calculation for compliance is performed at the end of each month and then presents a result.  This metric answers the question "Did we meet compliance for the month?".

Dashboard Element


The dashboard element displays several key pieces of information related to compliance:

  • For month, year - Represent the most recent compliance report.  Previous month results and the details of all assets accounted for in the metric are available in the details view by clicking on the element title.
  • Expected Collection - The is the total number of data collection tests that were expected during this month's period.  See below for details.
  • Compliance (%) - Represents the percentage of data collection tests or exceptions to data that were captured for each asset as required per the expected collections for the month.
  • Data Collected (%) - Represents the percentage of actual data collections that were captured for each asset as required per the expected collection for the month.
  • Chart (%) - Breaks down the percentage of data collections, planned exceptions, period exceptions, and non-compliance for the month.

Compliance Details View

By clicking on the title of the dashboard element you will enter the detailed, inner page.


The inner page allows portal users to filter and refine the compliance view.

For each month's report, it breaks down the percentage of overall compliance, non-compliance, data collected, and period or planned exceptions entered.  These percentages are derived from the Expected Collection total, or number of tests for each asset that is expected during that month, see below.

Each plant and area can be expanded to reveal the compliance results at these levels.

Within the area, all assets that have expected collection during that month will be listed, along with the compliance status, Min. Compliance Periodicity setting, last collection date and the reported severity level.

For assets with more than one collection due in the month (weekly, daily) and grid is displayed to relay the compliance status.

Expected Collection

Each asset has a Minimum Compliance Periodicity setting as defined for the asset in ALERT 5.  If assets have a periodicity setting less than monthly, e.g., weekly, the asset will have an expectation of collection for each week of the month (each Saturday).  Thus one asset may have 4 Expected Collections for the report.  Similarly, if an asset has an annual periodicity, that asset can be collected at any time during the year, but would only be tallied in the December report.  Thus, number of expected tests would not necessarily equal the number of assets unless all assets have a periodicity setting of monthly.

Factors that Affect Compliance

  • Minimum Compliance Periodicity (MCP)
    • An asset configuration setting in ALERT 5 diagnostic software application
    • This is a calendar-based setting that defines the minimum requirement for data collection.
    • Note: data can be captured more frequently than the MCP setting, such in the case of wireless sensors, but the report counts only one instance for the report.
  • Period Exception
    • An attempt to collect data was made for the period but circumstances prevented actual data capture.  The TRIO or Portal user could enter an exception in lieu of data to report upon the machine.  This factors into the Compliance percentage (reported up each machine) and against the Data Collected percentage (actual data).
  • Planned Exception
    • Also known as Seasonal Scheduler, Portal Users can block multiple periods to set the data collection expectation.  Typical for seasonal outages or extended repair periods, the asset will not be tallied for the compliance report during the period of time defined.

For additional information, see:

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Data Collection Compliance Table Definitions

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