Mar 1, 2023 - Email Notifications

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Email Notifications:
The new email notification feature provides several benefits:
• It will help you stay on top of the health of your assets, view actions and faults, and be more productive
• It will save you time, as you will no longer have to check or search through the application for alerts
• It will allow you to better manage your workflows and prioritize your tasks

What’s New
• Email notifications feature added
• Receive emails for new alerts, alert level or status changes, or comments added to an existing alert
• Get a link to the alert in the email notification for quick navigation
• Set notification settings for the PredictivePortal and Legacy Watchman Reliability Portal (WRP) in your preferences

How It Works
• Log in to the portal using your URL and credentials
• Go to your User Preferences by clicking on your name in the top left corner
• Go to the Notifications tab
• In the Watchman 360 sub-tab, set your preference for email notifications for the Predictive Portal
• In the Legacy WRP sub-tab, set your preferences for email notifications for the legacy reliability portal

You will now receive emails for new alerts, alert level or status changes, or comments added to an alert.
• The email subject will include the type of alert (Scalar or Diagnostic), the alert ID, as well as the description of the notification
• The body of the email will include the asset name, hierarchy, and specifics for the reason for the notification

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