Mar 3, 2023 - Wireless Monitoring Metrics

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Monitoring Metrics
The new and improved metrics for monitoring your wireless sensor and gateway network will be releasing on March 3rd, 2023 and provides several benefits:
• It will help you view the relevant gateways and sensors
• It will help you monitor the wireless network on which the sensors and gateways communicate, including a variety of metrics for this
• It will allow you to better manage your workflows and prioritize your tasks

What’s New
• Gateways and sensors list separated in the Online Systems page
• Wireless network health metrics, including
o Last Scalar Collection: the timestamp and the collection status
(enabled or disabled)
o Last Diagnostic Collection: the timestamp and the collection status
(enabled or disabled)
o Gap Time: minutes of gap from expected collection time to actual time

How It Works
• Log in to the portal using your URL and credentials
• Navigate to the Online Systems page by clicking on icon in the left panel
• Here you can see the list of sensors and gateways in their respective tabs
• The sensors table includes the metrics listed above
• For improved performance and ease of use, use the page navigator and search box to locate the sensors you are interested in knowing more about
• Also select the node of the hierarchy in the asset hierarchy to view that assets / areas / plants relevant sensors or gateways

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