Mar 3, 2023 - Diagnostic Results Dashboard Element

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Latest Diagnostic Result Dashboard Widget
The improved widget for viewing the latest diagnostic result on the asset dashboard, will be releasing on March 3rd, 2023 and provides several benefits:
• Clear view of the identified faults, with their severity, as well as the recommended actions and their priority
• Additional information, such as completion profile and confidence in diagnostic result
• Previously available information, such as analyst comments and cited peaks

What’s New
• Improved dashboard widget for the latest diagnostic result
• Designed for a clearer view of the faults and recommended actions, with a direct link to the alert it has raised (if any)
• Completion profile, with suggestions on additional information which would help improve the completion score
• Confidence in the diagnostic result with fault and severity based on the vibration data analyzed by our expert automated system
• A detailed inner page to view past diagnostic results and an event timeline will be releasing soon, to compliment this latest diagnostic result widget

How It Works
• In your asset hierarchy, select an asset which is currently being monitored by the Expert Automated Diagnostic System and/or expert analysts
• On the dashboard, you will see the Latest Diagnostic Result widget with the relevant repair action information

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