Jan 6, 2023 - Completion Score

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Completion Score:

The completion score indicates progress towards fully utilizing the Expert Automated Diagnostic System

What's New:

A completion score calculation is run on the setup and diagnostic criteria as defined for each asset. 

The calculation will run each time an asset is processed through the expert system and a numerical percentage result will be presented along with information to direct analysts towards the missing criteria.

The Asset tab within System Configuration of the PredictivePortal will display the latest percent complete value.

How to Improve Completion Score:

Completion score includes:

  • understanding of all fundamental fault forcing frequencies for each component as identified in the MID of the asset
  • sample sets for statistical average baseline

Why is this Important:

To get the most value of the Expert System, the diagnostic templates must include a complete picture of the criteria the rulebase expects.  Understanding the current status of this criteria for each asset helps the user understand the risk of the automated diagnostics, when an analyst should review automated results, can help determine when full automation could be deployed, and know what gaps remain.

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