Apr 14, 2023 - ALERT 5 System Update

A major software update to the ExpertALERT, StandardALERT diagnostic software and TRIO Collector application will impact the PredictivePortal.

ALERT 5 / TRIO 5 Release

This primary version update brings new features to the diagnostic software platform.  The update will impact the PredictivePortal in that during the outage, results and configuration updates made in the diagnostic software will not be available onto the PredictivePortal until after the update is complete.

  • No data is expected to be effected, merely all results will be held and then populated once the update is complete.
  • Access to the Portal shall remain, but configuration changes, such as adding new users or configuring the wireless settings will not function during this outage.
  • The outage is expected to last 3 hours.

Reverse Compatibility 

Users of ExpertALERT-cloud, the hosted diagnostic application, will take effect first.  

Replicating users of ExpertALERT desktop, ViewALERT desktop, and TRIOs can update as convenient.  The EA-cloud update to ALERT 5 is reverse compatible with ALERT 4.0 and TRIO 4 users.  More to come on this process.


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