Alert Level vs Repair Action Priority

What is the difference between the Alert Level and the Repair Action Priority?

Alert Level is independent of the Repair Action Priority.  They will start aligned, meaning a Desirable will start as Warning, Important will start as Important, and Mandatory will start as a Critical Alert Level.  These align with Alert Levels across the SymphonyAI Industrial Eureka platform (APM360, etc.).  A user can adapt the importance of the Alert independent of the action.  In other words, the fault severity and recommendation are based on data and analysis.  However, the importance of performing the action can be changed based on other factors related to the plant.  

Example.  The vibration analyst has determined an asset has an Important action to replace a bearing, but the plant wants the asset to be replaced urgently due to an upcoming production demand.  Thus, the Portal user could change the Alert Level to Critical so the user assigned to the action to understand the importance.


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