July 7, 2023 - Bad Actors & Blind Spot Widgets


The most common purpose of deploying our condition monitoring system is to improve the reliability of your assets with predictive maintenance. To support this goal, we are releasing two new dashboard widgets.

  • Bad Actors:  Know the levels (plant, area, asset) with the most frequent fault occurrences.
  • Blind Spots:  Keep an eye for those assets which are slipping through your attention. 

What’s New

  • Bad Actors widget:
    • For the business group, plant, and area levels, view the list of child nodes ranked by the greatest number of unique faults.
    • For the asset level, view the split of all faults identified.
    • An inner page to view the details that define the Bad Actors
  • Blind Spots widget:
    • Those assets with an unknown health due to several factors and are a risk to production, such as time since last known diagnostic result [age] and the last known severity of the plant.
    • For the asset level, widget provides indication if the asset is past due, along with last collection and compliance periodicity, thus indicating if the asset has an unknown health status.
    • An inner page at the business group, plant, and area levels provide details that define the Blind Spots.

How It Works

  • Log in to the portal using your URL and credentials.
  • From your asset hierarchy, select any level you wish to view.
  • On the dashboard, you will see the Bad Actors as well as the Blind Spots widget with the relevant information.
  • On most levels of the hierarchy you can View Details for additional information.


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