How do I pair my TRIO Controller to the DP

The TRIO Controller is shipped with the Bluetooth communication option enabled.  To ensure this is enabled, press the MENU button until you see the option settings (4 presses).  You should see Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Camera checked.

NOTE:  If you press the menu button and you do not see anything appear on the screen, HotTab is not running, restart your controller or troubleshoot this problem first before moving on.

Make sure the DP is powered on and in close proximity to the controller.

In the controller's system tray (next to the clock in the bottom right corner), click the Bluetooth icon and then select Show Bluetooth Devices

In the Bluetooth Devices window, verify the TRIO DP exists.  Check the serial number on the DP to ensure it matches the serial number listed in the window.  If the DP does not appear, select Add a device.

With the DP turned on, you should notice the blue Bluetooth light flashing, indicating that it is in pairing mode.  In a few moments, you should see the DP appear in the window and a dialog window appear asking for a Pairing code.  Enter 1234, then click OK.

Next, from the Start menu, select DP Configuration Tool from Symphony Industrial AI/ALERTx.xx.

Confirm the TRIO DP serial number appears next to Device Name.  If it does not, click the Select Device button.  Then pick the DP from the Bluetooth devices window and press OK.

Press the Save Changes and Exit button to finish the procedure.

You are now ready to communicate with the DP.


NOTE: The DP may not connect to the controller until the user has selected the Collector, Collector-X, ALERT RTA, or ALERT Multi-plane Balance software.  While in ALERT or any Windows application, the Bluetooth connection to the DP may be inactive.  

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