What are the calibration requirements of TRIO hardware?

TRIO vibration data collection hardware consists of three hardware components:

  • TRIO Data Processor (DP-1, DP-2, or DP-2H)
  • TRIO Controller (8" or 10" Windows 10 Tablet)
  • TRIO Sensors (IMI/PCB triaxial accelerometer)

The controller does not require calibration, but there are often updates required for the installed application software, the acquisition controller software, or Windows operating system.  These should be updated as necessary.  Application updates are posted on this Resource Center in the applicable downloads section.

Symphony Industrial AI recommends the TRIO DP and TRIO Sensors to be calibrated annually for verified data acquisition.  Both can be accomplished at Symphony Industrial AI's service center in Poulsbo, WA (near Seattle).

The cost of calibration is included as part of the annual service and support agreement renewals.  The DP and triaxial accelerometer needs to be shipped together to Symphony Industrial AI under the same Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number.

RMA numbers can be obtained from to start the calibration process.

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