Handheld Laser Tachometer Setup and Use Instructions

For TRIO™ CX7/CA6/CX8/CA8/CX10/CA10/HX10/HA10 Data Collectors

Note:  This tachometer is not rated for use inside Hazardous Locations.  When using this device with a HAZLOC TRIO, it is intended to only be connected and used in safe areas.

Laser Tachometer Specifications

Handheld Laser Tachometer: Symphony Industrial AI Part #: 90904050
Replacement Cable: Symphony Industrial AI Part #: 82010610-1

The laser tachometer has a maximum sensing distance of 36 inches.

The handheld tachometer is powered by the TRIO™ Data Processor (DP) and requires no external power source. It is connected to the TACH input connector on the DP-1. When needed for measurement, it is automatically powered on by the DP. Several LEDs on the top and back of the tachometer illuminate and the red laser beam is visible. It powers off automatically when the measurement is complete.

When used with a TRIO data collector, you can set a time-out delay that allows the tachometer to be pulled away from the rotating source for several seconds. This is helpful when gathering speed data, as you also will be holding the TRIO Controller and will need a free hand to save the speed reading. This time-out delay is set via the TRIO’s DP Configuration Tool. (From the Controller: Start>All Programs>Symphony Industrial AI>ALERT3.60>DP-1 Configuration Tool).

Optional Use of Reflective Tape

The tachometer does not require reflective tape. However, if you are unable to get suitable readings, reflective tape may be used.

Reflective Tape: Symphony Industrial AI Part #: 72110350
Minimum Tape Length: 0.25 inches

The length of tape used is a function of the shaft diameter and RPM of the shaft. The table and formula below provides the minimum tape lengths. However, longer tape lengths are acceptable but should not exceed 3/4 of the overall shaft circumference.

Tape Length Formula: 2.3E-5*Diameter*RPM=Tape Length

Additional Information

The laser tachometer portion of the handheld accessory is manufactured by Banner Engineering. The manufacturer’s instruction manual is appended to this Application Note. Symphony Industrial AI recommends the “Dynamic TEACH” method of setup, regardless of whether reflective tape is used. However, if you are using reflective tape and you are able to stop the machine, you can alternatively use the “Two-Point Static TEACH” method.


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