How to download software

Software downloads are available for registered users of ALERT software.  New users may need to be setup by Technical Support prior to software downloads being available.  Registration using a corporate email address is required for automated system verification.

Users should receive a software certificate for new software purchases or software upgrades.  Instructions on the certificate will direct customers to this website for software downloads.  Users that are verified in this knowledge center should see download links to software to which they are entitled.

If you do not see links to download your software, for the fastest service, please call technical support at 206-316-8918, option 2 or email to  You could click the Submit a Request button at the top of this page to request software as well.

Once registered and verified in this system, you shall receive email notifications as updates become available.  Software updates are free to registered users as long as supported.  Updates are available through this site as needed.

For any additional assistance, please contact Technical Support, Monday through Friday, 9am to 7pm EST.

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