Use the WATCHMAN Reliability Portal

Welcome to the WATCHMAN Reliability Portal™

The WATCHMAN Reliability Portal™ is a transparency layer for WATCHMAN Analysis programs.  It provides insight into data collection compliance, health and status of plant assets including severity trends, and business metrics relating to risk to production and proactiveness to repairs.

The WATCHMAN Portal is a web-base viewer of the hosted database on the WATCHMAN Data Center.  Access is provided by your Symphony Industrial AI Account Manager or Service Partner.

Getting Started

The document linked below is intended to help you get logged in to the WATCHMAN Portal and provide you with information to help you understand how to set up and interpret the various dashboard elements.

This document includes:

1.    Logging In

2.    Dashboard Views:

·        Quick Views

·        My Watch List

·        Data Collection Compliance

·        Machine Status (Manual Collection and Online Collection)

·        Severity Trends

·        Compound Risk Index 

·        Derived Machine Readiness

·        Open Event Ratio

·        Proactive Response Index

·        Event Tracker Summary

·        Top Five Root Causes

·        Average Time to Repair

·        Percent Root Cause Evaluations

·        Synchronization Activity

·        Operational Risk Assessment

·        Program Savings Calculator

3.    Setting up My Watch List

4.    Setting up Home Page

5.    Setting up Email Notifications

6.    Access Reports from your Analyst

7.    Creating Custom Reports

8.    Getting Help

Click the file below to access or download Getting Started with WATCHMAN Reliability Portal.


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