Remotely Accessing the TRIO Controller

The TRIO's compact size makes collecting data less cumbersome than with larger, heavier collectors. However, when performing analysis with the embedded ALERT software, it can be helpful to view the diagnostic tools on a larger screen and to use a physical (instead of virtual) keyboard and mouse.

To do this, use Windows® Remote Desktop to remotely access the TRIO Controller from your laptop or desktop computer. This lets you use your laptop's screen and keyboard to view and operate ALERT and/or the Collector software, just as if you were using the Controller itself.

If both your TRIO Controller and your laptop are connected to the same wireless network, you can use a Remote Desktop Connection to access the TRIO from your laptop.

     1.  Ensure both the TRIO Controller and you laptop are connected to the Internet via the same wireless network.

     2.  Use Remote Desktop to access the Controller from your laptop.

          a.  On your laptop, start your Remote Desktop Connection. How you start it varies slightly depending on your operating system. For a Windows 7 operating system, choose Start>All Programs>Accessories>Remote Desktop Connection.

Tip! To make accessing the Remote Desktop Connection easier in the future, right-click Remote Desktop Connection and select Pin to Start Menu. Once you do this, it will appear when you click Start.

          b.  On the Remote Desktop Connection dialog box, enter the name of your Controller in the Computer box and then click Connect. By default, TRIO Controllers are named TRIO-xxxx, where xxxx is the serial number of the Controller. If needed, you can verify the name of the Controller by clicking Start (on the Controller itself) and then right-clicking Computer and selecting Properties.

          c.  On the Windows Security dialog box, enter the credentials you use to log on to the TRIO, then click OK. By default, both the user name and the password are trio.

Tip! If you do not want to have to enter this each time you use Remote Desktop to access your TRIO, select the Remember my credentials check box.

          d.  If a security window opens, do the following:

               1)  If you do not want to receive this security warning each time you use remote desktop to access the TRIO, select the Don't ask me again for connections to this computer check box. Otherwise, leave the check box clear.

               2)  Click Yes to allow your laptop to access the remote computer.

     4.  Wait while your laptop remotely accesses the TRIO. The screen of the TRIO will appear on your laptop.

Note: If the desktop background is black (as shown below), the Remote Desktop settings on your laptop specify to NOT display the source computer's background. This is OK; the software will look and operate as it should regardless of the desktop background.

If your laptop screen is larger and has higher resolution than the TRIO Controller, you will notice improved resolution. Your mouse and keyboard work as if they are plugged into the TRIO Controller.

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