Health Score

The Health Score presents a relative health value for an asset based on the overall machine fault severity and other fault factors.

The scale of Health Score is as follows:

  • >91% = Healthy machine, no repair recommendations
  • 81-90% = Slight faults identified, early emergent issue, no recommendations for repair
  • 71-80% = Moderate faults identified, emergent issue, Desirable repair recommendation
  • 61-70% = Serious fault identified, Priority 2 issue, Important repair recommendation
  • <60% = Extreme fault identified, Priority 1 issue, Mandatory repair recommendation


Factors that determine where the asset will land in the range above is determined by other faults that are identified. 

For example, a machine that has only a serious bearing issue would appear at 70%.  However, if that machine also contains other faults that are serious or below, the health score value would change, but be within the range of “Serious”.

For example, serious bearing wear plus serious imbalance plus moderate looseness, and slight soft foot, may lower the value to, but not lower than, 61%.

The value would only appear at <60% if a fault level is defined as extreme.

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