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To access all of the help available for the WATCHMAN Reliability Portal and PredictivePortal, sign in to Resource Center account.

Note: This section is applicable to users who host their database(s) on Symphony Industrial AI Eureka AI platform.


How to Sign Up For The SYMPHONY INDUSTRIAL AI Resource Center



From Symphony Industrial AI's Resource Center ( do the following steps:

1.  Click on the Sign In button



2.  Click on Sign up

3.  Fill out the form and you will receive a welcome email with log-in instructions.


4.  Check your email and follow the instructions to setup your login password.

Once you have created your password, re-open and sign in to your account.


Important Note:  Verification of new user accounts and access to specific technical information associated to individual user’s hardware and software may take 1 to 2 hours to complete.   

If there are any questions, please email

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