Configuration: Setting Min Compliance Periodicity for Wireless


Compliance for Wireless and Online: Assets with permanent acquisition hardware installed also have an expectation of data collection based on operation of the asset.  The Min. Compliance Periodicity setting for these assets indicates the minimum requirement to have analyzable data captured on a machine and is recommended to set the MCP to "Weekly". 

Wireless sensors will attempt to collect data daily, if the asset is not running or operating in a state that is not indicative of analysis, the wireless system may discard this test and wait for the next opportunity a day later.  Given data capture is automated, the periodicity setting is related only to the compliance of data for analysis. 

Example:  the wireless system collects data daily, but the plant manager wants to ensure a machine diagnosis is available at least weekly.  Thus, if the machine is not running on some days, and the Min. Compliance Periodicity is set to WEEKLY, the asset will meet compliance as long as one valid test is collected and analyzed during the week.  A DAILY compliance periodicity setting would require the asset has collected analyzable data every day to meet compliance. 

Note: Daily compliance is not currently being tallied in the Compliance Report


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