Sensor: Can I use a Magnet Mount?

A common questions about installing the wireless sensors is whether or not a magnet mount can be used.  Here are some considerations.

  1. OEM Magnet Requires Adhesive.  The magnet that is available from the OEM to support the wireless sensor is not intended to support the weight of the sensor on its own.  The OEM's magnet’s intention is to assist in holding the sensor to the machine while the adhesive cures.  Note: the adhesive suggested by SymphonyAI Industrial does not support the OEM magnet as it requires a smaller gap between machine and pad to properly set the adhesive.
  2. Magnets may be Available from 3rd Party Suppliers.   Other attachment hardware providers may have magnet pads available with a stronger bond to a machine, but from a practical sense, the sensors are intended to be installed permanently given a magnet could unknowingly become disconnected from the machine.  A magnet could be used for testing a setup, confirming gateway connectivity and conducting demos or trials of a program, but Symphony Industrial AI does not recommend magnet mounts for long-term, unsupervised use.

  3. Magnet Conformation of Sensor Orientation.  If using a 2 rail magnet, it is possible that the sensor will not be properly aligned when fully threaded into the magnet.  A spacer to adjust is challenging and could effect the vibration signature.  

  4. Magnets Impact on Temperature Sensor.  It has been reported that the use of magnets may distort the readings from the temperature probe that is contained within the tip of the sensor mounting screw.  A future UI to allow the user to adjust the temperature offset is in the works, but it would still have to be measured and adjusted accordingly.

  5. M8 Thread, 18mm Depth.  If sourcing a magnet, or any alternative mounting pad for the wireless sensor, the sensor bolt is an M8x1.25 thread and requires at least 18.5mm of depth.  Note:  the temperature sensor is embedded in the tip of the sensor bolt and thus the bolt cannot be modified to fit shorter depth pads.
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