ALERT 5: Setting Machines for Wireless Vibration Sensors

ALERT 5 supports the Watchman AIR wireless vibration sensor.

To setup a machine to capture data with wireless sensors, most of the parameter settings are configured through the PredictivePortal.  StandardALERT 5, however, has a machine configuration field to properly manage the wireless machine assets.  This setting mostly effects the metrics on PredictivePortal and provides clarity for the data collection parameters being captured by the sensors.

To setup a machine for wireless vibration:

1.  Open StandardALERT and navigate to the machine to be setup or is already configured for wireless vibration.

2.  Right-click and select Open Machine

3.  Select Wireless from the Data Collection Source Type pull-down options


4.  Accept the warning that this setting will affect the location field options.

What's Affected

For each vibration location defined for the wireless vibration asset, the data collection parameters will not be visible.  These settings are automatically configured by the wireless system or otherwise managed through the PredictivePortal.

Location setup for Portable Data Collection Source Type:


Location setup for Wireless Data Collection Source Type:


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