Selecting a Time Period to View Data in Graph View


When in Graph View, the latest routine survey data is used by default.
To view routine data from a different date or multiple dates (for example, the previous test or the last two tests), use the buttons on the graphing toolbar or choose Graph>Data displayed to specify what you want to be graphed.
The calendar buttons in the table below are relevant when viewing routine survey data in Graph View. These buttons are only enabled when Survey is selected from the drop-down list.
Important! The term “survey” refers to data collected from vibration locations that are pre-defined in the ALERT database. This can be data collected from the basic tree structure (plant/area/machine/location), from a Machine Survey, or from a Survey Period.

Button Description

Use the latest test data.


The most recently collected data is used for display.

This option is most useful when you have just collected a set of new data.

Use the previous test data.


The set of data collected just before the current set will be used.

Use the latest and previous test.


Both the latest test data and the set collected immediately before it are displayed.

This is useful when you want to determine whether levels have changed since the last test.

Use all data available.


All collected data will be used.

This is useful when in waterfall mode and when reviewing data to be added to the average database.

Show only the average data; NOT the measured data.


Removes the measured data from the graph, leaving only the average and average + sigma data.

This is useful when reviewing the state of your average data.

Choose from a list of test dates.


If you want to specify the date(s) you want graphed, make the selection from the list (using Shift+click or Ctrl+click to select multiple dates), and then click the button. The dates are listed chronologically, with the most recent at the top.
Be sure to select one or more dates before clicking the mceclip5.png button. If you do not, the graph will not update. If you select a date and then change to a different machine, you may see the "No Data to Graph" message. If this happens, select a date for the new machine.
Note: Selecting more than one date is only supported when viewing survey data. You cannot graph data from multiple dates when viewing data from advanced tests.
By default, the list shown contains only routine survey data. If you want to graph data from advanced tests or be able to choose from a list of both survey and advanced tests, see the next section.
When one or more test date is selected, you can press the Esc key or the space bar to exit the list of dates.

By default, only survey data is listed when using the calendar buttons to specify the data you want graphed. (You will notice that Survey is selected from the drop-down list to the right of the buttons.)

Viewing Advanced (Off-Route) Tests

If any advanced tests were run on the selected machine, you can view their test data by selecting Advanced Tests from the drop-down list and then selecting the test you want to review.


Advanced tests are collected in the field using the More Data button on a TRIO and are not part of a routine survey. For example, there may be a bump test or cross-phase analysis data. These "special" tests are not run through the diagnostic engine and are intended for manual review by an analyst in Graph View.

When you select Advanced Tests, all of the special tests are listed by date and type, with the most recent at the top of the list. All of the calendar buttons are disabled, except for the Choose from a list of test dates button (mceclip5.png).

You can only graph one advanced test at a time in Graph View.

Note: The Add/Replace Mode tool in Graph View is not enabled when viewing advanced tests since you cannot graph more than one at a time.

Viewing All Available Data

Select All Data from the drop-down list if you want to see all available data, including routine survey and advanced test data. Both routine survey and advanced tests are listed by date. Select the one you want to review in Graph Data.

You can only select one test at a time to review and the Add/Replace Mode graphing tool is disabled.


When you select All Data from the drop-down list, all of the calendar buttons are disabled except for the Choose from a list of test dates button (mceclip5.png).

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