1. Getting Started

Note:  Sign into the Resource Center to access to the mobile application installation file, user guidance and other instructions.


The Remote Plant Setup mobile application provides Watchman Service customers an easy and cost effective means to setup a vibration analysis program utilizing the plant staff to provide asset details to your remote SymphonyAI Industrial (SAII) analysts and setup team.  This save time and money by not requiring travel to a site to gather machinery details, instead, a simple to navigate Android mobile application will be delivered to the plant for capturing such machinery information.  This article outlines the primary steps to get started with the Remote Setup application.


Using the mobile app to gather machinery information within a plant for an SAII vibration analysis program is a coordinated effort by the SAII Program Administrator, the SAII Analyst, and the Plant Personnel (App User). 

Important note:  Remote setup is a two-step process for the mobile app user, requiring two in-plant events.  The first is to gather machinery information that will be used by the analyst to setup the machinery.  The second is to reference the updated information in the mobile app to install attachment pads for portable programs or mount sensors for online or wireless programs.  In the case of wireless, during this second step, the physical sensor should be installed, assigning the unique serial number to the location via the mobile application.

These are the steps:

Step Assignee Application Action
1 SAII Admin Admin Portal Uses a customer provided machine list (CSV file) to load and prepare the mobile application.
2 SAII Admin email Provides plant user(s) with Android installation file, instructions and credentials to access specific plant(s).
3 App User RPS App

Logs in and synchronizes app to receive list of assets for setup.

4 App User RPS App

Gathers nameplate info, captures machine photos, and walks through the asset component definitions.

App User RPS App

Syncs machine information to portal and notifies SAII Admin that ready to proceed.

6 SAII Analyst Admin Portal

Edits and annotates photos with sensor/pad placements and orientations.

7 SAII Analyst ExpertALERT

Builds MID Templates, Assets, and Locations using the information from RPS User / Admin Portal.

8 SAII Analyst Admin Portal

Synchronizes EADB to Landing Server to update finalized sensor/pad location placement and orientation.

9 SAII Admin email

Notifies the plant's RPS app user(s) that the system is setup and ready to proceed.

10 App User RPS App

Initiates a sync from the mobile app to receive updates images and instructions for sensor/pad installation.

11 App User RPS App

Installs sensors/pads per updated photo annotations & scans QR/NFC to associate sensor to asset location, if applicable.


App User RPS App

Finalizes the setup by performing one final sync. This will update the PredictivePortal with asset wireless details.


SAII Analyst Portal / EA

Synchronizes Landing Server to ExpertALERT with new updates from the sensor installation, including sensor s/n.


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