May 19, 2023 - Diagnostic Results Inner Page


We are excited to release a new inner page to help you better understand your asset’s by viewing its fault history and diagnostic analysis. This new feature will be releasing on May 23rd 2023 and provides the following benefits:


In March 2023 we updated the Latest Diagnostic Result dashboard widget for viewing the faults, recommendations and analyst comments on the asset dashboard, in the Predictive Portal. We now extend this to:

  • Provide a single page view of asset fault severities over time and each diagnostic results’s details
  • Further improve your understanding of the changes to the fault and severities of each asset, over time
  • Get the detailed diagnostic report with recommended action and analyst comments, linked to the Latest Diagnostic Result widget available on the asset dashboard

What’s New

  • An interactive asset severity trend with the faults and severities for each
  • View not only the latest diagnostic result, but also the historical diagnostic results and analyst comments
  • Available in one dedicated page for an improved user experience
  • This is to compliment the improved Latest Diagnostic Result widget released in March 2023

How It Works

  • Log in to the portal using your URL and credentials
  • In your asset hierarchy, select an asset which is currently being monitored by the Expert Automated Diagnostic System and/or expert analysts
  • On the dashboard, you will see the Latest Diagnostic Result widget with the relevant information
  • Click on View Details to go to the details page
  • Alternatively, navigate to the Program View page and from the hierarchy select an asset
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