Getting Started with WATCHMAN Services

As you kick off your WATCHMAN Service Program, this article will help you accomplish the tasks you need to get going.  
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Installing Sensor Attachment Pads

  • Vibration measurement locations have been marked with a paint pen on each machine in your program.  Follow the steps in this section to install sensor attachment pads using Symphony Industrial AI's best practices.

Collecting & Transmitting Data with a TRIO

  • When it’s time to collect data, the steps provide in this section will provide a quick reference on how to use your TRIO to capture vibration data and then send it securely over the Internet to Symphony Industrial AI for analysis.

Accessing the WATCHMAN Reliability Portal

  • Log in, adjust your user preferences, and access your reports using the instructions in this section.


Additional Documentation:

TRIO: The TRIO User’s Guide and the ALERT User’s Guide are both installed in PDF format on the TRIO Controller.

You can also access the same information by clicking the Help button in either Data Collector Mode (for TRIO™ information) or Analysis Mode (for ALERT™ information).

WATCHMAN Reliability Portal: Full documentation is accessed by clicking the Help icon on any Portal page.

The Symphony Industrial AI Resource Center ( provides a wealth of knowledge topics and training tutorials to help ensure the success of your program.


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